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The scope of our services include:

Central heating

This method is very common and easy to use. Relatively easy to replace, and repair. It does not require the use of expensive equipment. Promotes energy saving through rapid changes in performance.

Installation plumbing

Are an essential element in any home, is not visible, but provides comfort to users. At its durability affect quality of used materials such as PEX, alupex or copper, and correct installation.

Installation of underfloor heating

It is a very popular way of heating in homes and apartments. giving up the radiator, you can easily arrange the space. Floor heating is cheaper to operate than in the case of a heater, as transfers heat by radiation and thus provides the same comfort with room air temperature lower than for radiators.

Installation of solar panels

Their task is to receive solar heat and transfer it through the solar system in the tray with water, making it ideal for domestic hot water and pool water. In winter, the solar panels can support the central heating system. Using this method significantly reduces power consumption, which contributes to large savings.

Assembly of heat pumps NIBE

There are several types of heat pumps:
  • Ground - a form that uses the heat of the earth, through the use of self-circulation, which absorbs heat from the surrounding ground without unnecessary power consumption. The pump groundwater is safe for the environment, so it can be used in protected areas of water.
  • External air - is becoming increasingly popular system that uses the energy accumulated in the air, and then give it to the water circulating in the heating system. Its installation is much simpler and cheaper than other pumps because they do not have to bear the cost of laying pipes vertical or horizontal collector or drilling wells.
  • Air ventilation - this pump has the features of ventilation air in your home. Moist air is loaded with aromas sucked out of the building, and in the heat is used for hot water. At the same time by a special wall outlets flows fresh outside air without opening windows.

Replacement and installation of boilers

Quickly and efficiently, and with proper care we take to the replacement or installation of water reservoirs.

Installation of bathroom fittings

With a full professional approach to white assembly in the bathroom, because we know that each of us begins and ends the day in this room, so you should feel comfortable there. We will take care of every detail with due commitment to customer satisfaction.

All hydraulic works

Replacement or repair of pipes and any work on the hydraulic system.